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We offer you a new way to attract passive candidates and make sure you’ll find THE talent you’re looking for. All this while simultaneously reducing recruiting costs, speeding up the recruitment process and strenghtening your employer brand.

By utilizing our creativity, expertise and cutting-edge AI tools we collect the most effective combination of channels and content to unleash your hidden potential in the talent market.

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Finding the right talent is more difficult than ever, and no wonder why. 75 % of your potential candidates are not even looking for a job – so how could they find yours? Here’s how to do it:

  1. An impactful job ad that grabs the attention of the best talents showcasing the career opportunity in an actionable way.
  2. The right people need to see your job ad by bringing it to where the people spend their time – on social media.
  3. And when you get their attention, you need to provide them with a quick and easy way to apply – since 80% of candidates view job ads on their mobiles and busy talent won’t even start a process asking first for CV’s and cover letters.

Sounds impossible? Not for us.

With our combination of the most essential digital headhunting services you will get more high-quality applicants, lower your cost-per-hire and strengthen your employer brand

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Attractive and
tailored job ad

We make sure your open vacancies are expressed in a most impactful way by telling your story in a job ad.

From the hard facts and preliminary specs for recruitment our talented and creative team will create an appealing and clear story that the targeted talent can relate to and act on.
We do this with expertise of thousands of job ads and the data of their performance.

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AI-driven, targeted recruitment campaign

With the latest tech and our experienced campaign team we are able to reach and attract your best candidates wherever they spend their time – including the ones who are not actively looking for a job.

We use the most effective combination of channels, copy and content to bring your job ad in front of the right audience – using ai powered targeting in combination with the human touch. Years of experience working in social media recruitment marketing, and our own job search platforms with around 6M visits each month, gives us unique data points to utilize when targeting the desired audience

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Candidate-friendly application optimized for mobile

Allow candidates to apply – no matter where and when they see your ad.
Our intuitive mobile-first application service will bring both volume and quality with better profiling and matching.
You will get the relevant information upfront leading to a quick categorisation between the best matches and non-relevant candidates.
A seamless way to proceed in recruitment process that creates amazing candidate experience and strengthens your image as a leading player.

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New job!
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Ska jag vara ärlig så trodde jag aldrig att det här skulle funka. Men å andra sidan var det något nytt som vi tidigare inte hade provat. Och det visade sig vara mer ekonomiskt fördelaktigt än att anlita ett traditionellt rekryteringsbolag.

- PO Ekstrand, Sales Manager at RIAS A/S
Customer Story
PO Ekstrand hade svårt att få relevanta ansökningar – provade nytt rekryteringsverktyg

Alla som arbetar med rekrytering vet hur mycket tid, pengar och energi det kan ta.PO Ekstrand, försäljningschef på RIAS A/S, höll på att bli levande begravd i ansökningar – samtidigt som bara ett fåtal var relevanta. En CV-lös ansökningsmetod blev lösningen.

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Att få in rätt kandidater var för oss lika viktigt som att öka kännedomen om PEC som arbetsgivarvarumärke. Det kunde Jobbland lösa.

- Linda Österlund, Rekryteringsansvarig
Customer Story
Linda testade nytt HR-verktyg: Vår rekrytering fick en nytändning!

Hur mycket tid du lägger på att skriva välformulerade platsannonser kan vara helt avgörande. Samtidigt är det lätt att bli hemmablind, särskilt om du skriver platsannonser regelbundet. Linda Österlund, rekryteringsansvarig på PEC, fick en nytändning som lyfte hennes rekrytering – i kombination med ett nytt, smart rekryteringsverktyg.

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We, the people of Jobbland, are a group of experts who question, experiment and develop recruitment marketing. We do not carry the burden of the old nor the fear of the new, but seek solutions to our fulfill our customers' needs without prejudice.

We believe that when working life fulfills the dreams of both people and businesses, people are happier, businesses are more successful and society as a whole is healthier. And that is what keeps us going.

We have started our journey in the Nordics over 10 years ago. During our journey of transforming recruitment we have fulfilled the dreams of both people and businesses – matching over 1 million talent with thousands of companies.